Out of my Mind

All About Me

Name: Michael C

Status: Single

Birthday: March 22

Age: 25 yrs-old

Location: Chicago, IL

More About Me

Graduated with a BA in Psychology, concentration in Industrial/Organizational. I'm currently working at a Japanese restaurant as the manager. I can be described as: loud, a shopaholic, outgoing, caring and funny amongst a list of many to just name a few.

Lesser Details

Not Available

Favorite Quote

"There is no such thing as a coincidence, there is only the inevitability of events."

Favorite Saying

"Love is like a glass sphere that falls to the ground and shatters into thousands of pieces. As hard as you may try, you won't be able to pick up all the pieces. If you're lucky, you'll get most of it and won't hurt yourself while collecting the smaller pieces. Inevitably, you'll eventually hurt yourself while trying to collect all the shattered pieces of the sphere. But after all the hard work, you can piece it back together. Although it may not be the same, it's something that you put your heart and soul into."
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2MORO - 少了

我晓得 电话少了
问候少了 关心少了
见面少了 言语少了
你电话里的 Do Re Mi
我想到 电话少了
问候少了 关心少了
见面少了 言语少了
过度的掩饰局面 会更怀疑
你相簿里的 Fantasy
不爱你 免得我被迫失去
爱自己 才称的上勇气
多点想像 多点交会 恣意
我的直觉说着 别孩子气
你演技 傻的可以